Daily Instagrams: July 04, 2016 at 07:33PM

My brother and I pulled off a successful UFO Fest (Thanks @joecow) but we barely broke even with the money we raised and built this from scratch with little or no income coming in while waiting for approval on a 501c3 nonprofit all-the-while we were charting vigorously lots of red-tape and returning back to the drawing board instead of giving up… I’m in starving artist mode, currently, and I have so many projects including my biggest one, a Kickstarter that I’m trying to get done, but it’s been slow. I managed to get some of my prints out to some backers and I’m slowly working my way down that important list when I have the resources… Nobody will be left out, guaranteed! I’m thinking if I start aggressively selling prints this will help me accomplish more and quicker. People keep asking me if offer prints!? I’ve been thinking very limited edition prints on certain photos. Also, next year’s UFO Fest will be a lot easier now that I have learned how to delegate while trying to build a small army! ? Never give up on your dreams folks. My dream is to bring some showbiz to Cedar City through this festival; even more tourism to my little hometown. We have the performing arts but not enough of the filmmaking industry knocking on our door and that thought fascinates me as an artist being so close to the National Parks! ? #colortv #typography #motel #4thofjuly #newmexico ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/29shQKu

Daily Instagrams: July 04, 2016 at 09:55AM

I just want to wish everyone a Happy White Man’s #IndependenceDay! ? Not trying to offend anyone; I’m just trying to keep things a little in perspective by going against the grain! The 13 colonies gained their freedom from England but at the future expense of the First Nations that had everything to lose, yet they survived genocide and continue to rebound while Hollywood and pop culture continue to exploit and caricaturize these current living Indigenous peoples!!! Yes, I’m grateful for my freedom and do feel patriotic, even festive, but it’s extra important to stay objective and keep things in perspective on days like the 4th! So have fun, eat lots of watermelon, and enjoy the fireworks but #decolonizeyourmind! ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/29qqIA2

Daily Instagrams: July 04, 2016 at 09:26AM

Shooting the Panasonic #Nocticron for #microfourthirds gives it a Medium Format effect. I think where M4/3 is strong is on medium focal lengths to long telephoto especially with the Panasonic-Leica glass! Combine an Olympus OMD mirrorless with this lowlight lens and it’s excellent for landscapes not just portraits. I loved this old motel sign in Eastern #NewMexico! ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/29I7ceH

Daily Instagrams: July 01, 2016 at 03:14PM

Dear Selfie Producers, Please take note: If you are going to produce and post selfie after amazing selfie… At least lower your cell phone down below your face so we can at least “see” your face or expression in the mirror! I don’t care how beautiful, amazing or creative you are; this is automatic grounds for me to unfollow or unfriend you, without warning. Yes, it’s irritating me that badly! Avoid this and your SAFE! ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/29knvlG

Daily Instagrams: July 01, 2016 at 01:59PM

I had the pleasure of shooting with this young lady (@msparisabigail) a few winters on a dead of winter photoshoot. I’m going to be putting out some requests to work with more models soon as I have been slacking off in this aspect of where I want to take my photography! If you’re interested in working with me, I usually require a formal model release form. Feel free to contact me by direct message but I do screen potential candidates who I decide to work with. However, I will work with both genders… #model #modeling #portrait #utahphotographer ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/29aMg1l