Daily Instagrams: August 24, 2016 at 12:29PM

#MoquiMarble Heaven. These beautiful natural formations are getting robbed off of National Park and Monuments in Southern Utah. When people remove them it really cuts down on the natural beauty of the area. It took millions of years for these natural iron balls to congregate as the Navajo Sandstone eroded away around them. It is estimated that over 25 tons has been stolen off of Geand Staircase National Monument alone. They go for 7-8 bucks a pound on the black market which is why thieves are stealing them… ??? ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2bOfVN1

Daily Instagrams: August 21, 2016 at 06:40AM

I could hear the coyotes all night long in the #SonoranDesert then the soul begins to blossom with #Arizona’s fiery sun. There’s nothing in the world like an Arizona #sunrise with the humming #desert and the forthcoming blistering heat later to be greeted by monsoon thunderheads. The desert is my friend. The rattle snake is not my foe. I apologize when trespassing on his land… ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2bGWJlj

Daily Instagrams: August 10, 2016 at 11:07AM

#Travertine Columns created by the lime laced waters that turn #HavasuCreek Blue inside the #GrandCanyon. In the watershed above Havasupai, springs boil up through thick beds of limestone and that’s how the travertine winds up in the water. A private corporation is developing a uranium mine that could threaten the water system of the #Havasupai nation and there’s a petition out there to put a stop to their efforts: ift.tt/1WnD0Iw – we can keep it growing if you take a moment to sign… Who wants to swim in radioactive H2O!? ? ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2b8yS0G

Daily Instagrams: August 12, 2016 at 01:12PM

This is #Utah’s #UFOCountry where the government doesn’t care about “public lands” and they only want to maintain that control to preserve the secrets of America’s #TopSecret underground bases from being discovered! ? On another note, I discovered an iPhone App called #Cleaner and I’m going to be booting whatever ghost followers, spammers and inactive accounts that are not really engaging with my posts. Just a heads up! #UT #utahgram ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2bmjKKb

Daily Instagrams: August 07, 2016 at 09:09AM

This perspective of #HavasuFalls at 67 feet tall demonstrates just how majestic and beautiful Havasupai (Homeland of the Blue Water People) is. I almost drowned down there in 2008 due to an epic flood that rerouted Havasu Creek and sparked an evacuation of #Supai village but I survived because the Havasupai people saved my life. I’m now fused to the canyon and it’s my spiritual home because of all the powerful “teachable moments” the canyon has gifted me. I believe there are powerful spirits down here and in the waterfalls and all these entities teach me new things every year when I go back. ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2bcc6RX

Daily Instagrams: August 06, 2016 at 02:58PM

Old tree on the way to #Taos #NewMexico! @instagram is once again making me feel sick. I’m losing the desire to support the app with its copycatting of Snapchat. It just seems so circus-like as if they are simply going to continue milking us like cattle on our way to the Facebook slaughter. They are simply exploiting us and Instagram is no longer the photographer’s haven that once inspired it. I find myself losing the motivation to keep producing for such a trite organization. It just doesn’t seem legitimate any more… ? ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2aBXnhg