Apache Junction – Outskirts of Civilization

Apache Junction - Outskirts of Civilization
Apache Junction is the furthest suburb to the east that connects to the rest of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

The truth is, I am in love with the land of Arizona, a place the sun is much more fiery, and the desert feels like a frying pan. I love the Saguaros, the Superstition Mountains, and Southwest Culture. Phoenix is one town that I have no choice but to admire, deeply. It is a miracle because it thrives in this arid climate. There are so many people coming from so many walks of life. The entire city is surrounded by Indian Reservations, so the city itself offers a variety of opportunities to learn about other cultures, and the issues that a lot of folks face on a daily basis. If you have been in Arizona for any length of time in the summer you’ll have to deal with the severe heat and nearly waterless landscapes on a daily bases. That is what separates folks who live in deserts versus those living elsewhere. It is also true that water will dictate what truly happens to this city.

6 thoughts on “Apache Junction – Outskirts of Civilization”

  1. Great picture. It reminds me the john ford movies. I'd like to travel to Arizona, too. Are you from there?
    Congratulations for your photolog

  2. I have just moved to the Phoenix area, and when my European friends ask me to describe the surroundings I am at a loss for words. I will send this to them with a perfect description of how I feel. By the way, I got your pictures on an Italian newspaper; small world.


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