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My life is starting to revolve around government secrets, ufo conferences and taking friends and strangers out to Area 51. The Alien Head above is part of the Grand Alien Shrine inside the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada. I take people to this heart-filled stronghold out in the high desert near America’s most secretive military base known as Area 51. Pat and her daughter, Connie are the owners of this esteemed cafe that has become world-famous in it’s 28 years of operation. The owners have their own stories to tell about ET Life and what goes on at the base. Anyone can stop in for an alien or saucer burger and look at hundreds of pictures of ufos or check out the evidence room. There’s plenty of conversation about UFOs at this central gathering place along Extraterrestrial Highway – A stretch of road that runs 150 miles without any services except for this ET Oasis!

In the adjacent valley next to Rachel, is one of the side access roads that lead to two different Northeast entrances to the base. Somewhere at the convening intersections between the unmarked dirt roads pops this directional sign signaling that the base is close by.

Dave Rosenfeld of Utah UFO Hunters gave me one of his emblems and here’s a photograph of my Suzuki named Badger at Area 51. We are planning a trip to Tikaboo Peak, the only legal vantage point where you can look into the base from the mountain tops and I’m looking forward to meeting up with fellow researchers and adventurers!

As a photographer, there are few places that I love to do photo safaris at that can compare and compete with Area 51. The minimalism of the landscape makes it so easy to practice composition and the history of the base really ads a silver lining to the whole experience. You can also stay at the Little A’Le’Inn if you wish to set up camp near the base. The starry skies are hard to beat in this far outpost on the Earth.

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