B&H Photo Declined Me

A few weeks ago, I filled out an application to become an affiliate marketer for one of my favorite companies whom I have been doing business with since 2004.  This is the response I received from them today:

Thank you for expressing interest in partnering with B&H. While you are placing attention on adding more written reviews to your site, at this time, we are looking for more consistent robust technical content with opportunities for large traction. We thank you again and wish you much success.

…I guess if that is all that matters to them then I don’t really need to monetize Talking Tree using their affiliate links? This site will grow and gain more traction, I’m sure of it! I guess they failed to do the proper amount of research regarding my social media influence on Flickr, and Instagram? They are also failing to realize that I started this blog back up again as a result of my personal growth on social media.

1 thought on “B&H Photo Declined Me”

  1. Our decision to decline your application is not a reflection on the quality of your blog or of your images. All it says is that at this time we don’t believe your site contents suits our goals for affiliates. Since you’re just restarting the blog it is very possible this may change in the coming months and if so, we’d be happy to receive another application from you for our consideration. — Henry Posner / B&H Photo-Video


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