Scenic Cow Pies of the Mohave Desert

Here are some interesting photos from the Mohave Desert in #SouthernNevada on the East side of Las Vegas and North of Mesquite Nevada near the Beaver Dam Wilderness and the Virgin River Gorge.

Devonshire Cows do well in the #Mohave and they will eat just about anything that is edible. On the East Coast it only takes an acre to sustain one cow. Out in desert this way it requires about 100 acres per cow so ranches out West have to be BIG.

More evidence on the dry parched Earth.

These are Joshua Trees with the Arizona Strip off in the background with snow on the peaks.

Joshua Tress are truly majestic and rare in the world but deck the Mohave/Mojave like sentinels in their own Kingdom. The #JoshuaTree is the crown jewel of the Mojave while the Saguaro dominates the Sonoran Desert. Both deserts lay next to each other covering huge swaths of Arizona, California, and small areas in Utah and Nevada. All images captured on my Sony Alpha #A7R.