Daily Instagrams: July 12, 2016 at 02:47PM

I think amateur photographers need to stop chasing after the latest and greatest auto focus lenses and start focusing on their craft more…I didn’t start really practicing my photography until I learned the art of manual focusing old legacy lenses on digital mirrorless bodies using cheap adaptors to hook these archaic old lenses to modern digital sensors; I’m talking about lenses made clear back in the 50s through the 1990s!!! I came to realize these lenses had more character than perfected digital lenses and that this same “old school” flavor appeared in my photos as well adding even more charm to my compositions. I’m no longer sold on the latest auto focus craze. Instead, I focus on manual lenses and my AF lenses seem to take a back row seat. I’m about ready to fully commit myself to manual focus only photography because it has taught me so much more through art and practice! #brycecanyonnationalpark ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/29H1awL

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