Discarded Baby Stroller at Picacho Peak, Arizona

This no man’s land is slightly north of Tucson, Arizona, just off the interstate. I avoided entering Picacho Peak State Park, because they try to make it to kosher. There’s nothing pristine to the landscape. I look for the garbage and abandoned trails that people leave behind because we share an intimate connection to the land. This stroller really added the spook that I wanted to capture. It tells me how harsh the Sonoran can be and to remember we are subject to the will of the planet. One day, civilization as we know it could become a relic, and artifact in and of itself. It’s all in how you choose to interpret the land and how we treat it…

1 thought on “Discarded Baby Stroller at Picacho Peak, Arizona”

  1. I like your whole work! excellent captures and well processed images… I’m also a fan of Lomo and toy lenses in combination with my GF1.


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