Hipstamatic & Iphoneography

I’m still at a loss for words about my newly acquired addiction to taking photos with a phone. I’ve got the iPhone 4S and it’s addicting. The apps from iTunes are great. Some of them over-process the images though but I’m really liking Hipstamatic. I’m just trying to figure out how to incorporate this photographic portability into my main workflow. This is something I’m taking seriously after hearing stories about photo-journalists using mobile devices to capture important moments. You’re going to start seeing mobile shots on here. It’s apart of the technological evolution of photography!

4 thoughts on “Hipstamatic & Iphoneography”

  1. I don’t think that this is an evolution, it is a hype, something new that we can use. With a reflex camera and a sw you did the same. And the quality of the image is also not the same. You can’t compare them. Now you can publish them over many social networks a few seconds after the shot, this is the big deal!

  2. Guido, well this is debatable! Camera phones are only going to get better with technological advances and leaps. Because camera phones are inspiring people to take photos, I think it’s working out in the best interests of photographers and is a natural evolution. I like using the iPhone simply because of the urgency of a moment and being able to update and syndicate images on social networks in a matter of minutes! The phone will never replace my Dslrs though.

  3. This is an amazing picture! I love what the iPhone can do especially with the right photographer. Your work is excellent, Nathan! Good job on the photoblog. You should offer to teach people! đŸ™‚


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