Lensbaby Magic on the Farm

Lensbaby Magic on the Farm
50 years ago: “Come on, grandson, let us go get a load of alfalfa cubes down to IFA (Intermountain Farmers Association).” I can imagine the old-timer hollering out loud as they load up in the truck. That same truck has been sitting there for fifty years now broken down and that grandpa, he’s been gone for twenty. Let’s not forget that life is short and we end up leaving our dreams and toys behind. This photo was shot with a specialty lens known as a Lensbaby which creates this unique blur affect. No it was not concocted in photoshop. It’s the real deal! 🙂

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  1. Our family had a 1966 Ford F100 302 when I was a kid. My father drove it off a cliff. Rescue crews had to cup open the top of the cab to get him out, but he was DOA. An orderly wheeling him down the hall read his toe tag, and recognized him. They'e served together in the USMC in Korea. "Ain't no truck can kill Sgt. Rasmussen." he said, and he told a doctor he'd seen his toe move. Dad spent two months in the ICU and lived and taught school another ten years. The truck didn't fare as well. The only part not crushed was the solid aluminum step bumper.

    It cracked me up to read, "It's the real deal." I used to smear Vaseline on clear glass to gain the same effect. In 1969 I used Desitin for a white fade on wedding photos. It was my own invention. 🙂 I still haven't seen anything commercially available to rival it.


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