Plastic Woman’s Hand on an Antique Phone

Plastic Woman's Hand on an Antique Phone
This is out in Nevada. Pioche is an old mining camp settled in the late 1860s. This mannequin has been sitting in it’s place for 50 years according to the museum guide. And we were standing there, when the hand moved from the phone and landed on my friend, Omar’s hand while he was resting it there. It was eerie because the tour lady said there’s ghost hunters that come to this museum from hundreds of miles away because of the stories associated with Pioche, Nevada. Who knows? …I’ve been fiddling with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and a variety of actions. This is going to be all rough around the edges, because I am not a big fan of PS. I mostly stick with Lightroom 3. So, I need to master CS5 anyways and learn every digital darkroom technique there is to know.

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