Richardson’s Cash & Pawn, Gallup, New Mexico

Richardson's Cash & Pawn, Gallup, New Mexico
I don’t know whether a company like this is beneficial to Indian people (artisans, weavers, jewelers & such) or is more of an exploiter of Native culture? I’m not accusing them of such, but this isn’t even one of those questionable non-profit organizations “dedicated” to preserving Indian culture. When scrutinizing these companies that capitalize on Indian arts & crafts, you have to wonder just how much they contribute to the greater health of both native and non-native people in New Mexico, Arizona, etc? Maybe their appearance and existence is just the continuation of the same colonialism that subjugated and destroyed indigenous cultures in the wake of westward expansion? The hearsay is that Gallup is one of the most bigoted towns in New Mexico against Indians. The town itself is in close proximity to several native communities…

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