SLRMagic Toy Lens 26mm F1.4 = Amazing Images!

Okay, I’m becoming obsessed with this amazing manual focus lens from SLRMagic. Kudos to them for making/altering something like this for Micro Four Thirds cameras! None of this blur or bokeh was done in photoshop. These imperfections are the natural characteristics of this $129 dollar magical lens. It truly is magical because it reawakened my childlike love for photography. It has also enhanced my ability to intuitively convey through my images the emotional power of the places I go to visit! 🙂

4 thoughts on “SLRMagic Toy Lens 26mm F1.4 = Amazing Images!”

  1. Sweetness! I want to get a micro-four-thirds camera now! The details are just so sharp. Also I think with the blur around the edges it makes the subject even more sharp.


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