Spider Rock – Canyon De. Chelly

Spider Rock - Canyon De. Chelly
This is Spider Rock, an 800 foot pinnacle of sandstone on the South Rim of Canyon De Chelly. The majority of images shot on this trip were on 35mm film. So I will be scanning more of the prints. The color of the digitized file is not as exact as the print. I used a strong warming filter along with a polarizer when taking these images. There is vignetting on these images from the use of those filters.

11 thoughts on “Spider Rock – Canyon De. Chelly”

  1. beautiful work…wonderful colour. Just one observation….I feel you are doing yourself a disservice by posting more than one shot a day..in my experience people look at the photo on screen and move on….thus missing wonderful shots. for a few months I posted 2 a day the latest one always got the traffic…these great film shots deserve to be seen. Phil

  2. Nice, I think the vignetting works to your advantage.

    Something about the perspective that makes me think 'miniature', like you could race Hot Wheels cars around in it or something.

  3. Excellent color balance…nice and warm. I also agree that the vignette is complimentary. It feels like you're looking through a hole into another world – perhaps that's why one gets a minature feeling. Great job.

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