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  1. hey brother:
    really enjoying your photos and your journey. i can appreciate the jump from guide to car saleman – life is to be lived and we can learn from everything. ive been wanting to visit havasupai for many years but havent made it yet. quick funny aside to that – years ago when my wife then gf, sister, friend and I were traversing the west following either hot springs or the grateful dead – im not sure if we were going to springs on the way to shows or shows on the way to springs – i had havasupai on the route as i was the route planner. crashed in the back of a vw bus the girls at the helm next stop havasupai. because it was late summer and school was about to start – or had already started – those with more responsibility than I were nervous about getting back to texas and my route was going to add another day to the journey. i had a job which i was already a week over schedule in returning – i told them 2 weeks knowing it would be at least 3 – ha. havasupai was vetoed by unanimous decision – 3 against me. sure i could have – and often do – make executive decisions being the elder and knowing really whats best for everybody – which isnt school or work usually. but we had had an awesome trip and i knew that i had fibbed a little about what it takes to get down to the falls and the awesome travertine that i live for and i did not want to be rushed out of there so i let it go and allowed them to take us on the more direct route back to houston. they woke me in the morning dawn parked at a scenic vista of the grand canyon which i had never seen before. it was off the main route which i thought was somewhat a contradiction. i refused to exit the bus. they wanted to share with me this beautiful moment – i said no i am taking a stand against hypocrisy! i wouldnt be budged and so we left. that was probably 20 years ago bc ive been married for 18 and i still have never seen the grand canyon – ha. i found your blog searching for blogs on schoolbuses bc we are – have been – outfiitting a radically awesome 1955 gmc 4wd schoolbus which is a little new for my tastes but still has a wicked antiquity about it. we moved up to central oregon 9 years ago and the pacific nw is fuckin amazing. its high desert right on the eastern slopes of the cascades and its the fulfillment of a lifelong dream which includes a farm and of course my wife and children. i admire your passion and respect for life and like you find positive in most everything around me. life IS passing way too quick – my first daughter is 18 and heading down to UofC santa cruz in september. it seems like literally yesterday i held her in candle light only seconds old in our bedroom my beautiful wife exhausted after 12 hours of labor. man….trip out. stay cool.


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