Earth, Our Only Homebase

I feel impressed to say this, that we as humans, do not own the world and it is not ours to trash and dominate; if that’s our outlook that would make Humanity hostile & malevolent. Deep within us, I don’t believe that is our true nature because, at that level, a true divinity resides that helps us grow with empathy to realize that we must preserve this world as our home. It is not just OUR HOME but also a HOME a& Sanctuary for all of our non-human relatives like the plants, birds, animals, & all living things that are part of our whole family.

We must grow & progress alongside them with love, concern, and empathy for their well-being, survival, and continuation as our true relatives. The pigeons, the hummingbirds, the carpenter & honey bees all repeat this truth to me; the #saguaros tell me the same truth of how fragile, yet #ageless, their existence is on this same home planet on a daily basis! This is the most important truth to our existence!

This #MotherEarth is all we have to call home. We have to consider the well-being of all our relatives & not just ourselves, as humans. We need to remember that all beings & entities that share this world are priceless, precious, sacred & irreplaceable & that the only way to avoid despair, destruction, & heartache is to protect & cherish everything that is sacred. All life is sacred…