Abandoned Church in the Bootheel of New Mexico

Out in the quiet country of #NewMexico’s boot heel along the #SouthernBorder lazy communities bask in the desert heat daily and small townspeople go about their daily lives in a region pretty much forgotten by the rest of the country. It reminds me of Far West Texas enough to step into the past, which both locations give me an opportunity to do. We are surrounded by so much yet humans are overlooking these places and yielding their lives to backlit led screens. As an artist I’m compelled to edit and view images as someone telling the stories of our time in pictures.

Instagram: February 07, 2017 at 07:35AM

#RuralDecay in #Chimayo, #NewMexico: I’m on the radio this morning with KSUB discussing Aliens and UFOs with Tim on Southern Utah’s Big Picture Show from 7-9AM! #adobe #pueblo #turquoise #paint #blue #green #rust #red #mud #redearth #decay ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2jYvUjr

Instagram: January 21, 2017 at 10:44AM

Taking a #Selfie in the #mirror of this #deserted house; Being #Single has its perks such as my freedom to travel and be footloose on the minimal. I don’t know too many girls that would love to travel and do photography!? My brother and I are growing our stone company at @ettrading and I’m gearing up to take 4.5 ton of #Alabaster stone over to #NewMexico this coming Tuesday! I’ll have to stop by a few abandoned trailers on the way! ??? ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2jBdstu

Instagram: January 19, 2017 at 12:30PM

With each passing day the #dream fades further in this old abandoned double wide trailer in the highlands of #NewMexico – the sun lit window paint the wall with light and their footprint will vanish with time! ~ I’m no longer playing the popularity game on Instagram; I’m only posting my art from my heart and what speaks to me intuitively. I can care less if people unfollow me or go elsewhere because it’s about getting back to the authenticity of the photography and the vision during those rare moments when I hit the open road. #abandoned #deserted #light #sunshine #window #doorway #hallway #grime #trailer #introspection ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2jD9wLh

Daily Instagrams: December 10, 2016 at 07:53AM

Really examine this photo and then try to imagine what life was like for those who came before us and then try to imagine what this world will be like decades after you have left this world, in the future. Do you think the unborn will give you the same courtesy of trying to imagine what your reality was once like!? Some dreams are forgotten and some footprints fade! Let’s not forget those who came before us. #ruraldecay #newmexico #abandoned ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2gp4aTe

Daily Instagrams: August 06, 2016 at 02:58PM

Old tree on the way to #Taos #NewMexico! @instagram is once again making me feel sick. I’m losing the desire to support the app with its copycatting of Snapchat. It just seems so circus-like as if they are simply going to continue milking us like cattle on our way to the Facebook slaughter. They are simply exploiting us and Instagram is no longer the photographer’s haven that once inspired it. I find myself losing the motivation to keep producing for such a trite organization. It just doesn’t seem legitimate any more… ? ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2aBXnhg

Daily Instagrams: August 05, 2016 at 05:44PM

Staying in a classic #SeedyHotel in #Gallup #NewMexico is the way of the #Desert #Southwest! You’re not a real #LandofEnchantment junkie if you don’t appreciate #neonsigns and #thunderstorms during the monsoon season! #DesertSkiesMotel ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2aOZDEO

Daily Instagrams: July 20, 2016 at 04:36PM

This unfinished sculpture is by my friend, #AlvinMarshall #whois #Diné #Navajo! What many of you, who are my friends and supporters don’t realize is that I sell & trade Alabaster stone to #NativeAmerican stone carvers throughout the #Southhwest. This is how I make a living to survive and it allows me to travel. I also do this for my family because they ask me to and so do many of the carvers. As long as my family is are able to get the stone, the #Alabaster will continue to lead me to the people who I am supposed to meet. I realize the importance behind “why” I do this. The stone is sacred in many ways because of the human relationships and friendships that form as a result of the stone. The stone also allows me to travel and capture beautiful photos of the American #Southwest, otherwise, I could not afford to travel. I have a lot of respect for the rock; it is special as you can see the spirit of it in Albin’s sculpture. August is the month when I sell the most stone in #NewMexico because of the upcoming #IndianMarket in #SantaFe. I’ve been busy the last few days as I prepare to bring about 4.5 tons of Alabaster out to Albuquerque, Santa Fe and #Taos. I look forward to meeting up with my friends, @kiltica and John Suazo at Taos Pueblo. I’m leaving Friday morning and will be on he road for the next several days until the work is done! #Nm #abq #golobos #nativeart #native #lifeways #truth #art #utahphotographer ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/2a9QbeR

Daily Instagrams: July 04, 2016 at 07:33PM

My brother and I pulled off a successful UFO Fest (Thanks @joecow) but we barely broke even with the money we raised and built this from scratch with little or no income coming in while waiting for approval on a 501c3 nonprofit all-the-while we were charting vigorously lots of red-tape and returning back to the drawing board instead of giving up… I’m in starving artist mode, currently, and I have so many projects including my biggest one, a Kickstarter that I’m trying to get done, but it’s been slow. I managed to get some of my prints out to some backers and I’m slowly working my way down that important list when I have the resources… Nobody will be left out, guaranteed! I’m thinking if I start aggressively selling prints this will help me accomplish more and quicker. People keep asking me if offer prints!? I’ve been thinking very limited edition prints on certain photos. Also, next year’s UFO Fest will be a lot easier now that I have learned how to delegate while trying to build a small army! ? Never give up on your dreams folks. My dream is to bring some showbiz to Cedar City through this festival; even more tourism to my little hometown. We have the performing arts but not enough of the filmmaking industry knocking on our door and that thought fascinates me as an artist being so close to the National Parks! ? #colortv #typography #motel #4thofjuly #newmexico ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/29shQKu

Daily Instagrams: July 04, 2016 at 09:26AM

Shooting the Panasonic #Nocticron for #microfourthirds gives it a Medium Format effect. I think where M4/3 is strong is on medium focal lengths to long telephoto especially with the Panasonic-Leica glass! Combine an Olympus OMD mirrorless with this lowlight lens and it’s excellent for landscapes not just portraits. I loved this old motel sign in Eastern #NewMexico! ~ via Instagram: ift.tt/29I7ceH