Old Sentinal Saguaro of the Sonoran Desert

It’s amazing how much #Saguaro #Cactus Plants survive in the harshest environments. I’ve been walking amongst these sentinels for years now. I observe how disease, fungus, drought, sun burn, frost-bite constantly challenge the deeply embedded lives of these beautiful creatures. I am genuinely concerned with how human encroachment is challenging their survival via development, invasive plant matter, wildfire, pollution, climate change, etc?

These cacti are resilient and rugged but they aren’t bullet proof. They can survive for centuries but Arizona rednecks have used them for target practice; I’ve seen initials cut into them. Western Cultural Dwellers don’t understand respect for these sacred beings & it shows in the aftermath of their arrogant actions. Nothing angers me more than what some idiot or groups of idiots would do to one of these beauties.

When I approach an old sentinel like this, I talk to it, respect it, give it a loving energy and thank them for enriching our world. The #SonoranDesert would be dead without them. These plants are the heart and soul of this land, in Arizona.

Photographed with a #FujiFilm #XH1 and #Laowa #9mm F2.8 #Ultrawide.