The Holy Ghost – Horseshoe Canyon

The Holy Ghost - Horseshoe Canyon
This large pictograph Located in Horseshoe Canyon in Canyonlands National Park was made by Western Archaic Indians and dates back somewhere between 1,000-6,000 B.C. To visit this place, I left early in the morning before sunrise and hiked 750 feet down into Horseshoe Canyon with nobody else for miles around. Up on top rim of the canyon I set up camp the night before and listened to the coyotes howl. The next day I was expecting to see other people but there was nobody. These images on rock speak volumes about the past without words but the interpretation is left to the viewer. This panel is referred to as the Great Gallery or the Holy Ghost; with no arms or legs perhaps these entities represent spirits?

16 thoughts on “The Holy Ghost – Horseshoe Canyon”

  1. That is totally awesome. Went to England last year and seen Stone Henge. I wonder if people in the far far past were that different?

  2. Very interesting in that the larger figure appears to be wearing helmet, goggles and has some instrumentation down the front of his chest. Space suit?

    I'm sure the UFOers have jumped on this!

  3. Is it possible that the "helmet" could be a crown and the "instrumentation" could be a kingly robe? Maybe the artist was so moved by the vastness of the heavens that he painted a picture of his Creator by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

  4. This is awesome! And I agree with Trina Walker, who said the central figure reminded her of a Tardis. There are any number of explanations for these figures, and all of the commenters have valid points of view. BTW, Ernie, I take it you have never seen a UFO…? Too bad. You might be a little less inclined to sarcasm.

  5. It is a very important document, confirming either the existence of other worldly giant entities that have been visiting this planet. Also the Atlanteans were very tall in comparison to our current dimensions.
    There are several very tall ( 10 feet even) skeletons discovered recently on several continents.


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